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Just a heads-up to let you know as of August 19 new columns have been added to An Interview With..., Will “Sugarfoot” Hutchins, The Heavies, Westerns of…, Do You Remember, Serial Report, Radio Range Riders, Comic Book Cowboys (Roy Rogers) and Rangeland Elegance. Additional columns are added monthly. There’s also a new Western Treasures page, Gallery 113.


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5-29-19—Republic leading lady Peggy Stewart, 95, died May 29. She would have been 96 on June 5. Complete story in WESTERN CLIPPINGS #150/151.

5-24-19—Screenwriter Pat Fielder, 89, died in California last November 8. She penned seven episodes of "The Rifleman" for Levy-Gardner-Laven as well as Chuck Connors' "Geronimo" before leaving their employ to freelance on other series including "The Rebel", "High Chaparral", etc.

5-24-19—Bobby Diamond, 70, young star of TV's "Fury" from '55-'60, died May 15 in Woodland Hills, CA.

4-22-19—Fay McKenzie, 101, leading lady in B-Westerns to Gene Autry, Buddy Roosevelt, Tom Keene, George O'Brien, Bob Baker and Ken Maynard, died peacefully in her sleep April 16 in L.A.

4-22-19—Nancy Gates, 93, leading lady to Lash LaRue, Eddie Dean, Joel McCrea, Jim Bannon, George Montgomery, Randolph Scott and others, died March 24. Seen in many TV Westerns also.

4-22-19—Teddi Sherman, 97, daughter of legendary producer Harry (Pop) Sherman, died last January 16 in Malibu, CA. Co-starred in Hopalong Cassidy's "Colt Comrades" then became a scripwriter on Joel McCrea's "Four Faces West" as well as other Western films and TV series.

3-25-19—Writer/director/producer Larry Cohen, 77, died March 23 in L.A. He created "Branded" for Chuck Connors and suggested the concept for "Custer" w/Wayne Maunder and wrote 14 episodes. Also wrote "Return of the 7".