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We have recently posted hundreds of B-Western and TV star autographs for sale...along with a few silent actors. Go to Miscellaneous Collectibles and then Autographs. Also there is an addition to our Western Artifacts section and new information on Art Acord in Silent Westerns ("Fighters of the Saddle" [6/26/11-3/19/11]).

There is a new Clint Walker "Cheyenne" Western Treasures Gallery 103 as of 7/7/18.

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"Circus Cowboys" is a new category we've just added to our "Articles" section. Scroll down on the left for all the circus history of Tom Mix, Ken Maynard, Hoot Gibson, Jack Hoxie, Buck Jones, Tim McCoy and many more.


We've just added hundreds of laser copies of B-Western 11x14" lobby cards to our 'Laser Copies of Lobby Cards' in our 'For Sale' section. Many stars not previously listed are now available. Also many Big Little Books are now online for sale under Miscellaneous Collectibles.

We also now have a page of Sunday and Daily comic strips dating from 1904 on up for sale. Please take a look! More will be added continually.


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8-3-18—Mary Carlisle, 104, died August 1. Was Gene Autry's leading lady in "Rovin' Tumbleweeds".

7-10-18—'50s teen idol Tab Hunter, 86 (three days shy of his 87th) died July 8 in Santa Barbara, CA. Was in eight notable Westerns including "Gun Belt", "Burning Hills", "Gunman's Walk" (his favorite), "They Came to Cordura" and "Hostile Guns".

6-3-18—Kent McCray, greatly respected production manager on "High Chaparral", "Bonanza" and "Little House on the Prairie" and producer or associate producer on "Outlaws", "Little House" and "Father Murphy", died late night June 2. Tribute in WC #144/145.

6-3-18—Bill Phipps, 96, a marvelous actor whose Western credits stretch all the way back to Tim Holt's "Arizona Ranger" ('48), died June 1 of lung cancer in Santa Monica, CA. His literally hundreds of credits cover dozens of Western films and virtually every TV Western ever filmed. Tribute in WC #144-145.

5-25-18—Legenary stuntman Roydon Clark, 90, died May 20. For years on "Maverick", "Nichols", "The Rockford Files" and feature films Roydon was James Garner's stunt double. Roydon also doubled Errol Flynn, Sean Connery, and so many others. He began in '48 working with John Wayne on "Wake of the Red Witch", "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" and "The Fighting Kentuckian".

5-23-18—Vincent M. McEveety, 88, died May 19. Was director on dozens of TV Westerns such as "Bonanza", "Rawhide", "Gunsmoke", "Cimarron Strip".

5-22-18—Clint Walker, 90—"Cheyenne"—died Monday, May 21 in the company of his wife, Susan, and daughter. We will have a complete tribute to Clint in our print edition of WESTERN CLIPPINGS, double issue #144/145.

5-15-18—Joseph Campanella, 93, a character actor whose career spanned 50 years, died May 15. Worked on some 15 TV Western episodes.

5-14-18—Margot Kidder, 69, a regular on "Nichols", James Garner's short lived TV Western in '71-'72, died May 13. Also in "Bounty Man" w/Clint Walker.