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#144-145 (Jul./Oct. ‘18) Clint Walker memorial (14 pages); Hoppy saddle; Frank Ferguson; Diane Baker; "Night of the Grizzly"; Walter Reed; Canadian filming sites; Max Steiner music; Robert Winckler; Reflections on the "Wild Bunch"; Autry Museum at 30; Arvo Ojala; Charles Starrett $15
#146 (Nov./Dec. ‘18) Gene Autry Radio: Melody Ranch; Suzan Ball; Comic Book Cowboys: Foreign editions; Reel vs. Real: John Wesley Hardin; Tex Palmer; Westerns of Rock Hudson; "F-Troop", Kernville location; "Bone Tomahawk"; Alan Hale Sr. $7
#147 (Jan./Feb. ‘19) Robert Fuller; Westerns of Henry Fonda; Dan Duryea; Diane Brewster; "Dirty Sally"; Wayne Maunder obit; "Wyoming Roundup"; Jean Harvey; Paramount Ranch $7
#148 (Mar./Apr. ‘19) Gail Davis in Women’s Hall of Fame; Don Kay Reynolds death; Reel vs. Real: Nate Champion; Julie Adams; Dennis Moore; Westerns of Bill Williams; Remaking it in Hollywood: Alias Smith and Jones; “How the West Was Won”; Arthur Space (Part 1); Vaughn Monroe “Singing Guns”; Colorado filming sites; Little Big Horn remembered $7
#149 (May/June ‘19) Morgan Woodward death; John Wayne; "Magnificent 7"; Ray Teal; English Western TV Annuals; Black Bart; "Virginian" game; Arthur Space; Roy Rogers Westerns ('44-'46); Newhall mystery ranch; "The Last Hard Men" $7
#150-151 (Jul./Oct. ‘19) Peggy Stewart memorial; Lash LaRue; Westerns of Hoot Gibson; "Stoney Burke"; The Dalton Gang; Marie Windsor; 24 Essential TV Western Badmen; "Hondo"; Spahn Ranch; Buster Crabbe; TV Family Westerns; Glenn Ford; Gary Cooper; Joe McCrea; Buzz Barton; Dave Sharpe; Rock 'n Roll Cowboys; Russell Wade interview $15
#152 (Nov./Dec. ‘19) Lone Ranger TV 70th Anniversary; "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"; James Griffith; "Nakia"; Billy the Kid; Mary Beth Hughes; Jimmy Ellison/Russell Hayden Westerns; Westerns of Scott Brady; Jan Merlin obit; Fred Libby; Sports themes in Westerns; "Appaloosa"; Utah Film Locations; William S. Hart $7
#153 (Jan./Feb. ‘20) Lone Ranger Colts sold; Mara Corday; “Bearcats”; Leo Gordon; “Tales of the Texas Rangers”; Westerns of Dean Martin; Real vs Reel: Butch Cassidy; early frontier westerns; Sunset Carson “Deadline”; H. M, Wynant; Jauregui Ranch Location $7
#154 (Mar./Apr. ‘20) Kelo Henderson obit; Kirk Douglass obit; Rhonda Fleming; "Barbary Coast"; Westerns of Big Boy Williams; Skip Homeier; Robert Conrad obit;Wyoming film locations; Ross Elliott; Audie Murphy $7
#155 (May/June ‘20) James Drury obit; Stuart Whitman obit; Kenny Rogers as the Gambler; Lisa Gaye; Walter Miller; Westerns of William Bishop; "Return of the Gunfighter"; Movie Mansions; Red Ryder $7
#156-157 (July/Aug.-Sept./Oct. ‘20) Linda Cristal obit, Western Heritage Awards, Do You Remember: "The Virginian" (12 pages), Pierce Lyden interview, Westerns of Allan Layne, Rangeland Elegance: Bet Marion, John Anderson, Dick Jones, "Untamed Breed". Peggie Castle, Riders of the Comic Strip Pages (11 pages), Charles Starrett $15
#158 (Nov./Dec. ‘20) Old Tucson closed; John Wayne under fire; Peggie Castle; Westerns of John Agar; “The Rounders”; “Laramie” Game; Reel Vs. Real: Younger Brothers; Denver Pyle; Morrison Ranch Location; “The Last Outpost”; Bing Russell $7

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