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Back Issues for Sale

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Boyd Magers, 1312 Stagecoach Rd. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123

#61 (Sept./Oct. ‘04) “26 Men”, John Cliff, Comic Book: Hoot Gibson, Harry Fraser, Casey Tibbs, Idaho, Ben Wilson and Neva Gerber, Virginia Grey $8
#75/76 (Jan./April ‘07) Double issue. Gene Autry Centennial, auction items, Paul Sorenson, Ben Welden, William Watson, George Barrows, John Hall, Rod Cameron, “State Trooper”, Comic Book: Rod Cameron, Ken Maynard interview, essential Western Bookshelf, Dana Andrews, Fuzzy Knight, Harry Julian Fink, Lois Hall, Yvonne DeCarlo, Jack Palance, Paul Picerni, Barbara Stanwyck, Lesley Sealander, Elgin, AZ, Buffalo Bill Jr., “The Badge of Marshal Brennan”, Ed Pawley $15
#110 (Nov./Dec. ‘12) “Virginian” 50th anniversary reunion; The new “Lone Ranger”; Dick Foran; Comic Book Cowboys: Hopalong Cassidy; “Stagecoach West”; Westerns of Guy Madison; Robert F. Simon; “Django Unchained”; Washington state films; House Peters Sr.; “The Tall Texan”; Rex Allen Sr. and Jr. $6
#129 (Jan/Feb ‘16) Empty Saddles: Gregg Palmer, David Canary, Robert Loggia, Rex Reason; “Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp”; Radio: “The Six Shooter”; Westerns of Forrest Tucker; Comic Book Cowboys: “The Deputy”; “A Distant Trumpet”; Sunny Bupp; Raoul Kraushaar; Texas locations $6
#137 (May/June ‘17) Robert Blake to marry; Opera goes west; Westerns of Clint Eastwood; Radio: “Champion”; Comic Book Cowboys: Randolph Scott; “Northwest Passage”; Faith Domergue; Warren Oates; Music: Victor Young; “Broken Star”; Scott Wilson; Victor Valley Dry Lakes; Glenn Ford; Chuck Connors $6
#139 (Sept./Oct. ‘17) Passing of Ty “Bronco” Hardin; Matt Dillon statue; Comic Book Cowboys: Joel McCrea; Alfonso Bedoya; Radio: “Luke Slaughter of Tombstone”; “Paradise”; Westerns of James Stewart (Pt. 2); Dianne Foster; Music: Jerry Goldsmith; R. G. Armstrong; Iverson Movie Ranch; Sammy McKim (Pt. 2); Don “Red” Barry $6
#141 (Jan./Feb. ‘18) Peggy Stewart, Joel McCrea ranch, Nehemiah Persoff, Comic Book Cowboys: Movie Adaptations, “Lash of the West”, Radio: “All Star Western Theatre”, Western of Wayne Morris, Hopalong Cassidy game; Burro Flats location, Robert Shayne, “Backlash”, Ennio Morricone $6
#143 (May./June ‘18) Sons of the Pioneers w/Dusty Rogers, Eiteljorg Museum Western exhibit, Reel vs Real: Sam Bass, Radio: Sgt. Preston, Penny Edwards, Westerns of Ken Curtis, Morgan Woodward, “Hec Ramsey”, Comic Book Cowboys: Reno Browne, Game: Wanted Dead or Alive, “Sunset in the West” w/Roy Rogers, Towsley Canyon location, Jacqueline White, Western Film and Western Fiction $6
#144/145 (July-Oct. ‘18) Clint Walker memorial issue, Real Vs Reel: Blackjack Ketchum; Frank Ferguson; Diane Baker; Bill Phipps; "Night of the Grizzly"; Walter Reed, Canadian Filming Sites; Max Steiner; Bobby Winckler; Reflections on "The Wild Bunch"; Arvo Ojala; Autry Museum history; Lee Powell; Charles Starrett $15
#146 (Nov./Dec. ‘18) Gene Autry Radio: Melody Ranch; Suzan Ball; Comic Book Cowboys: Foreign editions; Reel vs. Real: John Wesley Hardin; Tex Palmer; Westerns of Rock Hudson; "F-Troop", Kernville location; "Bone Tomahawk"; Alan Hale Sr. $6

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