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Boyd Magers, 1312 Stagecoach Rd. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123

#81 (Jan./Feb ‘08) Roy Rogers; Fess Parker; Roy Barcroft interview; “Colt .45”; Westerns of The Frontier Marshals; William Fawcett; Comic Book Cowboys: Smiley Burnette, Andy Devine; “The Phantom” serial; director Breezy Eason; “The Silver Whip”; Sonoita Valley Location; Pat Fielder interview about “The Rifleman” $12
#83 (May/June ‘08) Westerns of Bob Steele; Tim Holt interview; “Casey Jones”; Jean Willes; Comic Book Cowboys: Rex Allen; Ty Hardin; Assistant Director Paul Wurtzell; Richard Widmark; Don Harvey; “Short Grass” w/Rod Cameron; El Rancho de las Golondrinas—New Mexico film site; Director John English; silent star Bill Patton; much more $12
#146 (Nov./Dec. ‘18) Gene Autry Radio: Melody Ranch; Suzan Ball; Comic Book Cowboys: Foreign editions; Reel vs. Real: John Wesley Hardin; Tex Palmer; Westerns of Rock Hudson; "F-Troop", Kernville location; "Bone Tomahawk"; Alan Hale Sr. $7
#148 (Mar./Apr. ‘19) Gail Davis in Women’s Hall of Fame; Don Kay Reynolds death; Reel vs. Real: Nate Champion; Julie Adams; Dennis Moore; Westerns of Bill Williams; Remaking it in Hollywood: Alias Smith and Jones; “How the West Was Won”; Arthur Space (Part 1); Vaughn Monroe “Singing Guns”; Colorado filming sites; Little Big Horn remembered $7
#153 (Jan./Feb. ‘20) Lone Ranger Colts sold; Mara Corday; “Bearcats”; Leo Gordon; “Tales of the Texas Rangers”; Westerns of Dean Martin; Real vs Reel: Butch Cassidy; early frontier westerns; Sunset Carson “Deadline”; H. M, Wynant; Jauregui Ranch Location $7
#161 (May/June ‘21) Henry Darrow obit, Westerns of Audie Murphy Part 2, Westerns of Randolph Scott Part 1, Holly Bane (aka Mike Ragan), “Here Come the Brides”, Susan Cummings, “Stories of the Century”: Jack Slade, Lee Aaker obit, Richard Simmons (Sgt. Preston), Movie Resorts, “The Sacketts”, “Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold”, Guns in Westerns, Red River Dave $7
#162 (July/Aug. ‘21) John Wayne: An American Experience; "Klondike"; Pamela Blake; John Cason; Westerns of Randolph Scott Pt.2; Johnny Crawford obit; John Agar; "Branded" Board Game; "Seven Men From Now"; Movie Dams $7
#163 (Sept./Oct. ‘21) William Smith obit; Westerns of Randolph Scott Pt. 3; Earl Dwire; "Wildside"; Jan Shepard; Alex Cord obit; John Pickard; "Last Train From Gun Hill"; Montana locations; Newspapers in Westerns $7
#164 (Nov./Dec. ‘21) Don Collier, Bobby Herron, Tommy Cook obits; Audie Murphy Metal of Honor Museum; Clint Eastwood's "Cry Macho"; Myrna Dell; Arthur Hunnicutt; "Johnny Ringo" Board Game; Westerns of Randolph Scott Pt. 4; "Wide Country"; Robert Horton book; "True Grit: A Further Adventure"; Robert Colbert; "The Westerner: Jeff"; Man Against Nature in Westerns; Bradley Page; Mammoth Lakes $7

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