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Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Eight

A Serial Tribute to Anthony Warde

Anthony Warde head shot.We devout serial watchers distrusted Anthony Warde on sight. Under a snap-brim hat, with thin lips, roughly dimpled, firmly set chin and cold, steely eyes, he was the perfect henchman appearing in 24 serials at Republic, Universal and Columbia beginning with “Tim Tyler’s Luck” in 1937. Fourteen years of serial villainy ending with a small role as a Confederate officer in “Mysterious Island” (‘51 Columbia).

Born Benjamin Schwartz in Philadelphia on November 4, 1908, he grew up in Danbury, CT, and was trained as a stage actor at Pasadena Playhouse. Although he preferred comedy and found it easier to do (unlike many actors) he did do a play, “Blind Alley”, where he played a psychotic killer which led to film roles. Using the screen name Anthony Warde, he was forever cast as a heavy.

Warde called it quits in 1956 (except for a small role in “The Carpetbaggers” in ‘64) and opened a successful clothing store in Hollywood. In “Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars” in ‘38 Warde was King Fir of the Forest People. He’s well remembered as Killer Kane, arch enemy of Buster Crabbe’s “Buck Rogers” in ‘39. Other important serial roles were in “Masked Marvel” (‘43), “Monster and the Ape” (‘45), “King of the Forest Rangers” (‘46), “Hop Harrigan” (‘46), “Black Widow” (‘47) and “Dangers of the Canadian Mounted” (‘48).

Warde told interviewer Greg Jackson in 1974 that he preferred working at Universal because, “…generally speaking, Universal spent more money on their serials. Columbia was the cheapest. But it was a matter of the personalities you worked with at the time. We had fun in those days wherever we were. I only did serials as a livelihood. I wasn’t given the opportunity…the time…to do anything of a serious nature. I always felt self-conscious playing a heavy. I’m really a nice guy. (Laughs)” Warde recalls “Masked Marvel” as a horrible experience because the four leading men, hired because of their similar appearance, could not act or remember their lines. Warde also offered up great praise for the stuntmen… “Duke Green was really the mentor. Dale Van Sickle would double for me for obvious reasons, if he was available.”

Anthony Warde died January 8, 1975, of cancer at 66.

Frankie Thomas as Tim Tyler is captured by Anthony Warde (as Garry Drake) and Earle Douglas in "Tim Tyler's Luck" ('37 Universal).

Anthony Warde (as King Fir of the Forest People) prepares to make Dale Arden (Jean Rogers) a slave to their God Kalu in "Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars" ('38 Universal).

Anthony Warde (as Killer Kane) in "Buck Rogers" ('39 Universal).

Anthony Wared (as Lefty Brent) with two other gangsters in "The Green Archer" ('40 Columbia).

Gangsters Charles Sullivan, Anthony Warde (as Trigger), Michael Vallon (seated) and Dale Van Sickel question Warren Hull disguised as Blinky McQuade in "The Spider Returns" ('41 Columbia).

Anthony Warde (as John Corey) stans beside terrified nurse Carol Adams in "Dick Tracy vs. Crime, Inc." ('41 Republic).

Allan Lane battles Anthony Warde (as Stark) in "King of the Mounties" ('42 Republic).

(L-R) I. Stanford Jolley, Anthony Warde (s Stone), George Chesebro and Robert Fiske terrorize Shirley Patterson in "Batman" ('43 Columbia).

Anthony Warde was Relzah in “Secret Service in Darkest Africa” (‘43 Republic).
No photo available.

Anthony Warde (as Killer Mace) is about to come to grips with "The Masked Marvel" who is stuntman Tom Steele behind the mas. ('43 Republic).

Anthony Warde (left-as Karak, one of the Tattar Chieftain's guards) in Ch. 11 of "The Phantom" ('43 Columbia).

Anthony Warde (as Brandon) and Martin Kosleck examine the Peratron Ray machine in "The Great Alaskan Mystery" ('44 Universal).

Lyle Talbot, Marion Martin and Anthony Warde (as Bruno Bloch) are involved in the "Mystery of the Riverboat" ('44 Universal).

A rooftop battle between Anthony Warde (as Muller) and Kane Richmond in "Brenda Starr, Reporter" ('45 Columbia).

Anthony Warde (as Joe Flint) confronts Carole Mathews in "The Monster and the Ape" ('45 Columbia).

Anthony Warde was henchman Tony in “The Purple Monster Strikes” (‘45 Republic). No photo available..

Anthony Warde (as Edwards) and Jim Diehl detain John Merton (Dr. Tobor) in "Hop Harrigan" ('46 Columbia).

Anthony Warde (as Bert Spear) holds lovely Helen Talbot captive in "King of the Forest Rangers" ('46 Republic).

Jack Ingram, Anthony Warde (as Martin Brandon) and another heavy confer in "Mysterious Mr. M" ('46 Universal).

I. Stanford Jolley and Anthony Warde (as Nick Ward) hold Virginia Lee captive in "The Black Widow" ('47 Republic).

Anthony Warde (as Mort Fowler) and Lee Morgan discuss their crooked plans in "Dangers of the Canadian Mounted" ('48 Republic). (Note Warde's autograph.)

A dangerous group of heavies in Columbia's "Congo Bill" ('48). (L-R) Rusty Wescoatt, I. Stanford Jolley, Fred Graham, Hugh Prossor, Leonard Penn and Anthony Warde (as Rogan).

Kirk Alyn interrupts the negarious plans of Eddie Parker, John Crawford and Anthony Warde (as Ricco Morgan) in "Radar Patrol vs. Spy King" ('49 Republic).

Although the Internet Movie Database credits Anthony Warde as a Confederate officer in “Mysterious Island” (‘51 Columbia) it would have to be in Chapter One as no other Confederates are in the 15 Chapter serial. I've watched Chapter One several times but failed to recognize Warde among the Confederates.




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