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Western Clippings SampleAfter over 27 years, WESTERN CLIPPINGS will switch in 2022 from a bi-monthly to twice a year 88 page specials. (Spring 2022 and Fall 2022).

Each issue of WESTERN CLIPPINGS will still contain the latest information on all things Western—new DVDs, film festival roundup, book and movie reviews, websites, current Westerns being produced, new Western products, etc. Regular features in each issue: Rangeland Elegance (leading ladies bios), Western Treasures (discovered rare photos from the Golden Age); Do You Remember…(the history of a Western TV series); The Westerns of…(complete analysis and reviews of every Western made by all the Western stars; Characters and Heavies (bio of a noted character player or Western screen badman); Perusing the Periodicals (notes on where Western film articles are printed in other publications); Best of Western TV (recommended episodes of popular Western TV series); Western Boo Boos (snafus and errors in B-Westerns and TV Western series); a letters column; Empty Saddles (obits on Western film related personalities); Cowboy Quotes (statements made over the years by Western film stars) and several other features. But now, with 88 pages we are able to include longer, expansive articles on all sorts of Westerns.

Western Clippings SampleEach information packed issue will still feature our knowledgeable columnists: Will (“Sugarfoot”) Hutchins (his always humorous experiences and reflections on showbiz); Neil Summers (noted stuntman writes about other great stuntmen); England’s John Brooker (interesting facts and trivia regarding B-Westerns); historian Phil Loy associates history and the B-Western era; Tom and Jim Goldrup (authors of a four volume set of interview books on FEATURE PLAYERS detail incidents in various character player’s careers); Tinsley Yarbrough (visits noted Western film locations and details their film histories); O. J. Sikes (current Western music CD reviews), actor Jeff Osterhage ("The Sacketts", etc.) reveals filmmaking incidents he'll never forget. PLUS much, much more.

Subscription rates:
$ 27 Giant Issue #1 (Spring 2022) 88 pages
If using Paypal $28.30
$ 27

Giant Issue #2 (Fall 2022) 88 pages
If using Paypal $28.30

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Simply mail check or money order to:

Boyd Magers
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