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Lobbycards for Collectors

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Lobby Card Description
EMPTY SADDLES ('36) Buck Jones, Charles Middleton, Lloyd Ingraham (3-ring binder holes at bottom) $ 20
Empty Saddles
FIGHTING BUCKAROO (‘43) Charles Starrett, Arthur Hunnicutt, Kay Harris, Stanley Brown $ 9
FIGHTING CODE ('33) Buck Jones, Ward Bond, Diane Sinclair $ 25
The Fighting Code
FORBIDDEN TRAILS (‘41) Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Tris Coffin, Dave O'Brien $ 15
Forbidden Trails
FORBIDDEN TRAILS (‘41) Tim McCoy, Raymond Hatton, Buck Jones (crease through card) $ 10
FORT COURAGEOUS (‘65) Fred Beir, Cavalry trooper, Indian $ 3
GREAT ADV. OF CAPT. KIDD serial (‘53) Ch. 9 Title Card $ 20
Chapter 9 Title Card for "The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd".
GUN RANGER (RI Bluetone) Bob Steele, badmen $ 6
GUN RANGER (RI Bluetone) Bob Steele, Earl Dwire. Chunk off bottom right corner, doesn't harm photo. Also some rough border edges. $ 3
HAUNTED RANCH (‘43) Range Busters Title Card (top border trimmed) $ 15
Haunted Ranch Title Card
HAUNTED RANCH (‘43) John King, Snowflake, Julie Duncan (bottom border trimmed) $ 5
HEROES OF THE HILLS (‘38) Bob Livingston fights badman $ 18
HEROES OF THE HILLS (‘38) Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune captured on horseback $ 19
HEROES OF THE HILLS (‘38) Bob Livingston, Pricilla Lawson, lady accordionist $ 20
Heroes of the Hills
Chapter 8 lobby card for "Holt of the Secret Service" serial ('41) starring Jack Holt.
HOLT OF THE SECRET SERVICE serial (‘41) Ch. 8 Jack Holt, Ted Adams, other gangster $ 24
HOLT OF THE SECRET SERVICE serial (‘41) Ch. 8 Jack Holt, Tris Coffin $ 24

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