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Posters for Collectors

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Movie Posters for Sale

All are folded One Sheets (27 x 41") unless noted. All are folded and have seen use in theatres.

If you have a question about any item, or need a scanned photo of an item please contact us.

Please keep coming back to this site and listing. More posters are added continually.

Please use your computer’s “Find on this Page” feature to seek out specifics you’re searching for.

$6 postage/packing will be added to all U.S. orders.
For foreign postage please contact us or we will notify you by email of your shipping charges based on weight of item(s) purchased. You will then be asked to remit the postage through our Paypal address..

If you’d rather, you may order anything on this page by check or money order. Be sure to enclose $6 postage in the U.S. or if foreign contact us for appropriate postage amount..


Condition Grading:

Near Mint—barely used
Fine—Really fine condition, no major tears, marks, or crease wear
VG—Normal use. May have some splitting at folds but nothing major. May have some minor damage to borders or minor tape spots to edges.
G—Pretty heavy use. May have some splitting at folds, border nicks, minor interior damage.
Fair—Most likely to have splitting, stains, browning or mildew problems, chunks out of border.
Poor—Needs repair and priced accordingly.

All major defects in each grade will be noted per poster

Movie Grade Price Purchase
Rage at Dawn (‘57 RI duotone) Randolph Scott (VFn) $18
Rangers Ride (‘48) Jimmy Wakely (Fn) $40
Renfrew of the Royal Mounted (RI) James Newill (VG-, heavy paper backing) $23
Requiem for a Gunfighter (‘65) Rod Cameron (NM) $25
Ride, Ryder, Ride (‘49) Jim Bannon as Red Ryder (Fn) $50
"Ride, Ryder, Ride"
Riding the California Trail (‘47) Gilbert Roland as Cisco Kid (VG) $38
Rimfire (‘49) James Millican, Mary Beth Hughes (insert, 14 x 36 inch) (VG+) $40
Robin Hood of Monterey (‘47) Gilbert Roland as Cisco Kid (VG+) $60
Roll, Thunder, Roll (‘49) Jim Bannon as Red Ryder (insert, 14 x 36 inch) (VFn) $60
Saddle Legion (‘51) Tim Holt (Fine) $50
Sheriff of Wichita (‘49) Allan “Rocky” Lane (VG) $50
"Sheriff of Wichita"
Shootout at Medicine Bend (‘57) Randolph Scott (Insert) (Fine) $35
Silver Butte (‘49) Tex Williams, Barbara Payton (Poor) $6
Son of God’s Country (‘48) Monte Hale (VG) $50
South of Death Valley (‘49) Charles Starrett—Durango Kid (Fair-Poor) $15
South of Rio (‘49) Monte Hale (G) $20
Stranger Wore a Gun (‘53) Randolph Scott (Insert) (VG-, 3 inch repaired tear at bottom) $35
Sundown in Santa Fe (‘48) Allan ‘Rocky’ Lane (G, large 11 inch repaired tear in title area) $17
Sundown Riders (‘48) Jay Kirby/Andy Clyde/Russ Wade (Insert on heavier cardstock) (VG) $50
"Sundown Riders"
Tales From the Crypt (72) EC Comics adaptations (VFn) $40
Tall T (57) Randolph Scott directed by Budd Boetticher (14 x 36" insert) (VG+, 1 x 1/2 inch tear at bottom) $75
Thundering Caravans (52) Allan "Rocky" Lane (Fine-NM) $60
Trail to Gunsight (44) Eddie Dew (Fair-G) $12
Two Fisted Sheriff (‘52, Reissue) Charles Starrett. 22x28 inch Half sheet (VG+) $19
Two Fisted Sheriff half sheet    
Under Mexicali Stars (‘50) Rex Allen (G) $15

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