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Please keep coming back to this site and listing. More miscellaneous items will be added continually. Please use your computer’s “Find on this Page” feature to seek out specifics you’re searching for.

Many items are unphotographed. If you would like to see a photo of a listing, we will be glad to email a photo to you.

$6 postage/packing will be added to all U.S. orders.
For foreign postage please contact us or we will notify you by email of your shipping charges based on weight of item(s) purchased. You will then be asked to remit the postage through our Paypal address..

If you’d rather, you may order anything on this page by check or money order. Be sure to enclose $6 postage in the U.S. or if foreign contact us for appropriate postage amount..


Very Good or better condition unless noted. (Dates shown if known)

Item Description
Allan Nixon (letter) $20
Allan Nixon (letter) $20
Allan Nixon (letter—just Allan) $10
Andrew McLaglen (8x10) $25
Anne Jeffreys (paper) $20
Anne Jeffreys 8x10 (says To Red) (mp) $20
Audrey Totter (form letter signed) $20
Barry Shipman (writer) (letter) $20
Barry Shipman (writer) (note) $20
Barry Shipman (writer) (letter) $20
Barry Shipman (writer) (letter) $20
Barry Shipman (writer) (card) $10
Bert Apling (1871-1960) (8x10 still, signed on back) Heavy in Westerns w/Jack Hoxie, Buck Jones, Buzz Barton, Leo Maloney, Big Boy Williams $50
Beth Brickell (note-just Beth) $15
Beth Marion (8x10 still) $25
Beth Marion (form letter signed) $15
Betty and Dick Jones (envelope) $10
Betty Brown (1896-1975) (8x10 still) Worked from 1913-1938. Aka Betty Healy in “Our Relations” w/Laurel and Hardy. $50
Betty Lou Keim (letter) $10
Bill Phipps (greeting card) $25
Bill Witney 8x10 (says Hi Red) (mp) $25
Bob Horton (Beverly Garland Hotel card) $30
Bob Horton (paper) $25
Bob Horton (greeting card) $30
Bruce Gordon (letter-just Bruce) $10
Buck Taylor (calling card) $15
Carole Mathews (letter) $15
Carole Mathews (letter-just Carole) $10
Carole Mathews (greeting card-just Carole) $10
Carole Mathews (greeting card) $25
Carolina Cotton (envelope) $20
Carolina Cotton (greeting card) $20
Charles Briles (letter) $20
Charles Gray (letter-just Charles G.) $10
Charlotte Austin (on paper) $15
Charlotte Greenwood (8x10 still) $30
Chuck Bail (stunts) (greeting card) $10
Claudia Barrett (greeting card) $10
Claudia Barrett (letter) $10
Claudia Barrett (letter) $10
Dale Berry (letter) $10
Dee Pollock (letter--just Dee) $5
Diane Roter (envelope) $20
Diane Roter (greeting card) $20
Don Durant (note) $15
Don Durant (Paper) $15
Donna Martell (form letter signed) $10
Dorothy Wood (1904-?) (8x10 still signed to director Robert North Bradbury. Westerns with Yakima Canutt, Franklyn Farnum, Rex Bell, etc.) $50
Douglas Fowley (long letter) $30
Duane Gray (Thorsen) (letter-just Duane) $15
Dub Taylor (paper) $25
Edith Fellows 8x10 (says To Red) (mp) $25
Eilene Janssen (form letter signed) $10
Elaine Riley 8x10 (says To Red) (mp) $20
Eleanor Stewart (form letter signed) $10
Elena Verdugo (letter) $20
Elena Verdugo (letter--just Elena) $10
Elmer Kelton (writer) (letter) $30
Elmer Kelton (writer) (letter) $30
Elyse Knox (Harmon) (note card) $20
Evelyn Finley (greeting card) $20
Evelyn Finley (letter--just Evelyn) $10
Evelyn Finley (letter--just Evelyn) $10
Faith Domergue (form letter signed) $25
Faith Domergue (letter ) $25
Faith Domergue (letter ) $25
Frances Kavanaugh (writer) (note) $15
Frank Coghlan (note) $25
Frank Coghlan (paper) $25
Frank Mitchell 8x10 (mp) $25
Fred Kohler Jr. on a card plus 2 film festival snapshots (mp) $35
Fred Olen Ray (letter) $20
Fred Scott (note) $25
Gail Kobe (8x10) $10
Gail Kobe (greeting card) $10
Gale Storm (form letter signed) $25
Gale Storm (greeting card) $25
Gale Storm (greeting card) $25
Gene Rutherford (letter) $15
Gene Rutherford (envelope) $15
Genee Boutell (form letter signed) $10
George J. Lewis (postcard) $20
George Lazenby (paper) $25
George Montgomery (note--just George) $10
Gilbert Roland (paper) $30
Ginger Stanley (stuntlady) (letter) $10
Gloria Payton (1897-1989) (8x10 still signed to director Robert North Bradbury. She worked in silents 1916-1921.) $50
Gordon Kay (producer) (certified mail receipt) $10
Gray Morrow (cartoonist) (paper) $20
Gray Morrow (cartoonist) (paper) $20
Gregory Walcott (paper) $15
Gregory Walcott (paper) $15
Gregg Barton (paper) $10
Gregg Barton (paper) $10
Gregg Palmer (envelope) $15
Gwynne Shipman (paper w/pic) $12
Gwynne Shipman (letter) $12
Hedda Nova (1899-1981) Universal star for 17 years. (signed 8x10 still in 1918) $50
Herb Jeffries (on return address) $25
House Peters Jr. (envelope) $15
House Peters Jr. (envelope) $15
House Peters Jr. (envelope w/letter) $20
House Peters Jr. (envelope w/letter) $20
Hugh O'Brian (photo--with copies of Charlton Heston, Bob Hope, James Stewart autographs) $20
Jack Elam (letter) $30
Jack La Rue (on large drawing of him) $35
Jack Lewis (writer) (note) $20
Jacqueline White (form letter signed) $10
James Brown of Rin Tin Tin (8x10) plus on reverse Dale Berry (mp) both say To Red $20
James Garner (8x10 still) $30
James Garner (8x10 still) $30
James Garner (8x10 still) $30
James Stacy (paper) $25
James Warren (greeting card) $25
James Warren (letter) $25
James Warren (letter--just Jim) $10
Jan Shepard (form letter signed) $10
Jane Adams (letter) $10
Jane Adams (greeting card with photo) $20
Jeanne Bates (on paper) $10
Jean Carmen aka Julia Thayer (signed both ways) 8x10 plus on reverse Evelyn Finley (both say to Red) (mp) $45
Jeff Osterhage (letter-just Jeff, printed name) $10
Jimmy Rogers (letter--just Jim) $10
Jimmy Rogers (card--just Jim) $10
Joan Barclay (form letter signed) $20
Joan Leslie (form letter signed) $10
John Agar (8x10 still) $25
John Agar (paper) $15
John Alderson (envelope) $10
John Alvin (paper) $20
John Alvin (envelope) $20
John Alvin (letter) $20
John Alvin (letter--just John A) $10
John Alvin (postcard) $20
John Bromfield (card--just John) $10
John Bromfield (letter--just John) $10
John Cliff (greeting card) $15
John Cliff (greeting card) $15
John Dennis (on paper) $10
John Doucette (letter and envelope) $25
John Duncan (envelope) $10
John Hart (letter on back of photo) $20
J. (John) Hart (small paper) $10
John Kimbrough (postcard--just John) $10
John Kimbrough (letter--just John) $10
John Lupton (note--just John) $10
John Sheffield (envelope/long letter signed John) (printed his name on envelope) $15
Johnny Bond (8x10) $25
Johnny Carpenter (endorsed check) $25
Johnny Western (envelope) $10
Judy Nugent (letter) $10
Kathleen Crowley (greeting card) $25
Kathleen Crowley (greeting card) $25
Kay Hughes (letter) $15
Kay Hughes (letter) $15
Kay Linaker (form letter signed) $15
Keith Larsen (envelope with greeting card) $25
Keith Larsen (letter) $20
Kirk Alyn (8x10 still as Superman) $25
Kirk Alyn (8x10 still as Blackhawk) $25
Larry Dobkin (note) $20
Laurie Mitchell (envelope and greeting card) $12
Lee Aaker 8x10" b/w still says To Barbara and Will $25
Lew De Witt (Statler Brothers) on a card w/two film festival snapshots (mp) $25
Lina Basquette (letter) $25
Linda Lawson (letter) $20
Linda Lawson (envelope) $20
Lois Hall (address on envelope) $10
Lois Hall (address) $10
Lois Hall (form letter signed) $10
Louise Currie (letter) $25
Lucille Lund (form letter signed) $10
Lucille Lund (letter) $20
Lyle Bettger (card) $20
Lyle Bettger (letter) $25
Lyle Talbot (letter--just Lyle) $25
Marc Lawrence (letter) $30
Marc Lawrence (letter) $30
Marc Lawrence (letter--just Marc) $10
Marc Lawrence (note--just Marc) $15
Marie Windsor (letter) $25
Marie Windsor (letter--just Marie) $10
Marion Shilling (form letter signed) $15
Max Evans (novelist) (letter) $25
Merry Anders (letter) $20
Merry Anders (card) $20
Michael Ansara (letter) $25
Michael Chapin (greeting card) $20
Michael Pate (note) $20
Morgan Woodward (paper) $10
Myrna Dell (letter) $25
Myrna Dell (letter--just Myrna) $10
Myron Healey (greeting card) $25
Myron Healey (letter--just Myron H) $10
Noel Neill (paper) $20
Olive Sturgess (letter) $20
Olive Sturgess (letter) $20
Pamela Blake (form letter signed) $20
Pamela Blake (envelope) $20
Pamela Blake (envelope) $20
Pamela Blake (letter) $30
Pat Buttram (on paper) $20
Pat Wayne (on paper) $20
Paul Brinegar (letter) (have 6--$25 each) $25
Paul Burke (note) $20
Paul Petersen (letter) $20
Paul Savage (writer) (letter) $20
Paul Wurtzel (director) (note) $15
Paula Raymond (form letter signed) $15
Paula Raymond (greeting card) $12
Pee Wee King (greeting card) $30
Pee Wee King (note) $30
Peggy Moran (form letter signed) $10
Penny Edwards (greeting card) $25
Penny Edwards (greeting card) $25
Penny Edwards (greeting card) $25
Penny Edwards (greeting card) $25
Penny Edwards (letter) $25
Peter Breck (greeting card) $25
Peter Breck (paper) $25
Peter Mamakos (letter) $12
Phillip Pine (envelope and letter) $12
Phillip Pine (envelope and letter) $12
Pierce Lyden (postcard) $15
Rex Reason (letter) $20
Richard Martin 8x10 plus on reverse Pierce Lyden (both say To Red) (mp) $25
Richard (Sgt. Preston) Simmons (letter) $25
Richard Webb (greeting card) $25
Robert Rockwell (letter) $20
Robert Rockwell (card--just Bob) $10
Roberta Shore (on paper) $10
Ron Hagerthy (on paper) $15
Russell Hayden (on envelope) $25
Ruth Stonehouse (1892-1941) (8x10 still signed to Brad [Robert North Bradbury]) Major silent actress 1911-1928. Worked with Houdini, Yakima Canutt, was in "Masked Rider" serial. $50
Sammy McKim (letter--just Sam) $10
Sammy McKim 8x10 plus on reverse Cal Shrum (both say For Red) (mp) $35
Sam McKim (letter) $20
Sam McKim (letter) $20
Slim Andrews (letter) $20
Spanky McFarland 8x10 says To Red plus on reverse Walter Reed says For Red (mp) $30
Stacy Keach (8x10) $30
Steve Mitchell (greeting card) $10
Steve Terrell (note-just Steve) $15
Teala Loring (form letter signed) $10
Terry Frost 8x10 plus Marion Carney on reverse (says To Red) (mp) $25
Tommy Farrell (address) $10
Tommy Farrell (paper) $10
Tracey Roberts (on paper) $10
Trudy Wroe (on paper) $10
Twinkle Watts 8x10 (says To Red) (mp) $35
Violet Schram (1898-1987) (8x10 still signed to Robert North Bradbury. Serials like "Lightning Hutch", "Bar C Mystery" $50
Virginia Herrick (envelope with card) $10
Vivian Austin (letter) $10
Walter Reed (note) $10
Walter Reed (8x10) says For Terry $15
Warren Douglas (8x10) $25
Warren Douglas (letter) $15
Warren Douglas (letter) $15
Will Hutchins (paper) $10
Will Hutchins (paper) $10
Will Hutchins (paper) $10
Wright King (letter--just Wright) $10
Yvette Vickers (greeting card) $20

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