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16mm Films


Item Description
Adventures in Silverado—William Bishop (Kodak Safety Positive) $75
Appointment with Murder—John Calvert as Falcon (Kodak Safety Positive/no title, starts with credits) $40
Big Gusher—Wayne Morris/Preston Foster (Kodak Safety Positive) $65
Black Patch—George Montgomery (Kodak Safety) $65
Blonde Menace—Hugh Beaumont 30 minute condensation (Kodak Positive) $30
Bonanza Town—Charles Starrett Durango Kid (Excellent dupe) $95
Convict Stage—Don Barry (good dupe) $40
Cripple Creek—George Montgomery (Kodak Safety Positive) $95
Dawn at Socorro—Rory Calhoun (color dupe) $95
Death Goes North—Edgar Edwards (original-Kodak Positive) $50
Desert Pursuit—Wayne Morris $50
Devil Diamond—Frankie Darro (original-Kodak Safety Positive) $75
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (feature)—Buster Crabbe $120
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (feature)—Buster Crabbe $120
Gambler From Natchez—Dale Robertson (color-reddish, Eastman Safety) $40
Gun Riders (Potluck Pards retitle)—Bud and Ben (dupe-two reeler) $50
Hair Trigger Casey—Bob Custer (compilation-Eastern Safety) $50
Harbor of Missing Men—Richard Denning $75
Hit the Road—Dead End Kids (splicy-Kodak Safety Positive) $50
Iroquois Trail—George Montgomery (good dupe) $80
Jesse James vs. the Daltons—Brett King (b/w print - dupe) $60
King of Dodge City—Elliott/Ritter (original-Kodak Positive) $150
Lawless '80s—Buster Crabbe (good dupe Gevart) $80
Outlaw Country—Lash LaRue (Kodak original) $150
Outlaw's Daughter—Jim Davis/Bill Williams (color-reddish Kodak Safety) $75
Pirates of Monterey—Rod Cameron (Kodak Safety) $65
Prairie Outlaws—Eddie Dean/Lash LaRue (Kodak Positive) $100
Prince of the Plains—Monte Hale $75
Radio Ranch (feature of Phantom Empire)—Gene Autry $100
Raw Edge—Rory Calhoun (color, splicy, quick end) $85
Requiem For a Gunfighter—Rod Cameron/Tim McCoy (color, good dupe) $100
Revolt at Ft. Laramie—John Dehner (color-reddish, Eastman Safety) $50
Roaring Timber—Jack Holt (Kodak Positive) $85
Sagebrush Family Trails West—Bobby Clark (Dupont Safety, bit splicy) $50
Shotgun—Sterling Hayden (dupe, good color) $100
Showdown at Abilene—Jock Mahoney (color) $100
Snake River Desperadoes—Durango Kid (good dupe) $100
Tougher They Come—Wayne Morris/Preston Foster (Kodak original) $90
Train to Tombstone—Don Barry (original) $65
Treasure of Ruby Hills—Zachary Scott (Kodak Positive) $85
Utah Blane—Rory Calhoun (Fugi Safety) $95
Valiant Hombre—Cisco Kid (Duncan Renaldo) $50
William S. Hart Biography (dupe, 30min) $30
Wolf Dog (serial) Chapters 1-12—Frankie Darro (somewhat splicy) $200
Yukon Manhunt—Kirby Grant (Kodak Positive, jumpcut, 5 minutes missing) $40
Kit Carson: Hawk Raiders—Bill Williams $15
Kit Carson: Outlaw Justice—Bill Williams, Jan Shepard $15
Lawman: Old War Horse—John Russell $35
Markham: Grave and Present Danger—Ray Milland $20
Texan: Killer's Road—Rory Calhoun $35
Zane Grey Theatre: The Mormons $25

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