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Movie Pressbooks

Very Good or better condition unless noted. (Dates shown if known)

Item Description
National Telefilm Associates TV Pressbooks. Each is 6 pages. All black/white. Each front cover is always a still from the film. Page two is articles and clips for newspapers; page three is showmanship tips and three pictures from the film; page four is an ad mat, cast and synopsis; page five is radio or TV commercials and another photo; page six has three ad mats. All are 20th Century Fox films.
“A Bell for Adano”—Gene Tierney $2
“Chamber of Horrors”/“Human Monster”—Lilli Palmer, Bela Lugosi $5
“Claudia”—Dorothy McGuire, Robert Young $2
“Cluny Brown”—Charles Boyer, Jennifer Jones $2
“Disobedient”—Marian Spencer $1
“Down On the Farm”—The Jones Family $2
“Dr. Renault's Secret”/ “I Wake Up Screaming”—J. Carroll Naish, Betty Grable $4
“Encore”—Glynis Johns $1
“Everybody’s Baby”/“Love on a Budget”—The Jones Family $2
“Four Ways Out”—Gina Lollobrigida $2
“Gateway”—Don Ameche $1
“A Gentleman at Heart”/ “Over My Dead Body”—Milton Berle $2
“Green Grass of Wyoming”—Peggy Cummins, Robert Arthur $2
“Hangover Square”—Laird Cregar, Linda Darnell $2
“Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence”—Glenn Ford, Jean Rogers $2
“In the Meantime, Darling”—Joanne Crain $2
“Johnny Comes Flying Home”—Martha Stewart, Richard Crane $2
“Junior Miss”—Peggy Ann Garner $2
“Just off Broadway”/“Time to Kill”—Lloyd Nolan as Michael Shayne $3
“Love Is News”—Tyrone Power, Loretta Young $2
“Magnificent Dope”—Henry Fonda, Don Ameche $2
“Margin for Error”—Milton Berle, Joan Bennett $2
“Moon is Down”—Sir Cedric Hardwicke $2
“Mysterious Mr. Moto”/“Time Out For Murder”—Peter Lorre/Michael Whalen (Roving Reporters) $5
“Nancy Steele Is Missing”/“Who Is Hope Schuyler”—Victor McLaglen/Sheila Ryan $2
“Princess Cinderella”—Silvana Jachino $1
“Ramona”—Loretta Young, Don Ameche $2
“Right to the Heart”—Don DeFore, Brenda Joyce $2
“A Royal Scandal”—Charles Coburn, Tallulah Bankhead $2
“20,000 Men a Year”/“Sailor's Lady”—Randolph Scott/Jon Hall $2
“Second Honeymoon”—Tyrone Power, Loretta Young $2
“That Night in Rio”—Alice Faye, Don Ameche $2
“Three Little Girls in Blue”—George Montgomery, Vera Ellen $2
“Tonight We Raid Calais”—Lee J. Cobb $2
“A Very Young Lady”—Jane Withers $2
“Way Down East”—Henry Fonda $2
“Whispering Ghosts”—Milton Berle $2
“Winner Take All—Tony Martin $2
“Night Riders” (RI) 3 Mesquiteers with John Wayne. Ads, stories, photos, cast. 2 pgs. $5
“Outlaw Roundup” (‘44) Dave O’Brien, James Newill. Ads, synopsis, cast, photos, stories, radio station exploitation for O’Brien. 8 pgs. $8
Outlaw Roundup
“Rocky Rhodes” Buck Jones. 4 page repro. Stories, photos, ads, cast, synopsis (VG) $2
“Scarlet River” (‘33) Tom Keene. 4 page reprint. Ads, photos, cast, synopsis, stories. $1
“Stranger From Texas” (‘53) Two sided pressbook repro. $1
“Stranger From Texas” (‘53) Two sided pressbook repro. $1
“Texan Meets Calamity Jane” (‘50) James Ellison. 4 pages. Photos, ads, synopsis, stories, cast. (2 ads cut) $2
“Texas Jack” (‘35) Jack Perrin. 4 pages. Ads, synopsis, stories, cast. (VG-minor tape) $15
Texas Jack
“Texas Jack” (‘35) Jack Perrin. Photocopy $1
“Trail of Terror” (‘35) Dave O’Brien/James Newill. 8 pages. Ads, synopsis, stories, cast, promotion. $9
“Western Caravans” Charles Starrett slick paper repro of 4 page pressbook. Ads, synopsis, stories, cast $1
“Where Trails Divide” (‘37) Tom Keene. 8 pages. Photos, ads, synopsis, stories, cast. (G, spine tape) $10
“Yukon Manhunt” (‘51) Kirby Grant. 4 pages. Photos, ads, stories, synopsis. (one story cut) $3

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