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Please keep coming back to this site and listing. More miscellaneous items will be added continually. Please use your computer’s “Find on this Page” feature to seek out specifics you’re searching for.

Many items are unphotographed. If you would like to see a photo of a listing, we will be glad to email a photo to you.

$6 postage/packing will be added to all U.S. orders.
For foreign postage please contact us or we will notify you by email of your shipping charges based on weight of item(s) purchased. You will then be asked to remit the postage through our Paypal address..

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Very Good or better condition unless noted. (Dates shown if known)

Item Description
CALLING TRACY: SIX DECADES OF DICK TRACY COLLECTIBLES by James Van Hise (‘90 Pioneer Books) Movies, comic strips, serials, posters, BLBs, toys, bio. Brand new. Softcover. $12
CELEBRATED CASES OF DICK TRACY 1931-1951. Large hardback with dust jacket. Dick Tracy meets the Blank, Jerome Trohs and Mamma, Little Face, The Mole, B. B. Eyes, 88 Keys, Flattop, Mumbles, Pearshape. More. Daily strip reprints. Excellent $25
Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy 1931-1951.
CLASSIC SCIENCE FICTION FILMS by Jeff Rovin (‘93) Well illustrated. $5
THE COMIC BOOK by Paul Sassienie (‘94 Chartwell Books) Lavish history of comic books, wonderful color illustrations. Comic Index. Hardcover with dust jacket. Excellent $17
COMIC-BOOK COMICS (81) Smithsonian book by Michael Barrier and Martin Williams. Fully illustrated, full color/full story reproductions of Superman, Batman, Plastic Man, Captain Marvel, Little Lulu, Donald Duck, Pogo, Spirit, EC Comics, and others. 336 pages. (Near Mint) $20
DC COMICS by Les Daniels (Bulfinch Pub) 60 years of DC Comic history. Lavishly illustrated in full color. Comics, toys, covers, ads. It's all here. Brand new. Hardcover with dust jacket $17
DC Comics.
DON WINSLOW AND THE SCORPION’S STRONGHOLD by Frank Martinek (Whitman) ‘46 novel of serial hero. No dust jacket $3
FLASH GORDON—Complete daily strips 11/51-4/53 by Dan Barry, Harvey Kurtzman. Bonus features (Kitchen Sink Press) (‘88) Softcover $15
THE FUNNIES ANNUAL NO. 1 (Avon ‘59) B/w reprints of dozens of Sunday comic strips—all of the humorous type (Excellent) $9
THE FUNNIES ANNUAL NO. 1 (Avon ‘59) B/w reprints of dozens of Sunday comic strips—all of the humorous type (VFn, small cover blemish) $7
GOLDEN AGE OF MARVEL COMICS (‘97) Full color reprints from “Marvel Mysteries”, “Captain America”, “All Winners”, “Young Men”, others. Softcover. Brand new. $15
HORROR MOVIES by Alan Frank (‘74 Cathay) Hardcover with dust jacket. Lavishly illustrated, many in color. Like new $15
MAKING OF KING KONG by Orville Goldner/George E. Turner (‘75 Ballantine) Softcover. Fabulously illustrated history of original Kong. Mint $18
The Making of King Kong.
REEL ART—Great photos from the Golden Age of the Silver Screen (‘88 Artabras) Oversized hardback with dust jacket. Thousands of movie posters reproduced in gorgeous color. Like new. First edition, printed on better paper than later editions. $40
REVENGE OF THE CREATURE FEATURES MOVIE GUIDE by John Stanley. (3rd Revised Edition 88) 420 page book of A-Z horror movie reviews. Some 4,000 reviews. Well illustrated. (Near Mint) $17
SMILIN’ JACK AND THE DAREDEVIL GIRL PILOT (‘42) Whitman novel with illustrations. (VG with color dust jacket) $10
Smilin' Jack and the Daredevil Girl Pilot.
STEVE CANYON #19 (12/87) Comic strips from 5/15/53 to 4/30/54 reprinted. (Kitchen Sink Press) Like new. $10
SUPERHERO COMICS OF THE GOLDEN AGE by Mike Benton. (Taylor Pub.) ‘92 hardback. Lavishly illustrated with golden age comic book art. Brand new. $20
Superhero Comics of the Golden Age.
SUPERMAN by George Lowther (1st Edition Random House hardcover) B/w and color illustrations. Rare, no dust jacket, otherwise Fn $210
Superman by George Lowther
SUPERMAN: DC ARCHIVES Edition Vol. 1. Full color reprints from Superman Comics 1-4. Brand new. Hardback. $25
SUPERMAN: ACTION COMICS: DC ARCHIVES Vol. 1. Full color reprints from ACTION 7, 10, 13, 19. Brand new. Hardback. $25
TALES FROM THE CRYPT by Digby Diehl. Complete history of EC and the TV series. Reprints all covers as well as a complete EC issue. Stunningly illustrated. (‘96 St. Martins) $30
Tales from the Crypt by Digby Diehl.
TALES FROM THE CRYPT Vol. 3 (EC Archives) Issues 13-18 complete in color. Mint, still in shrink wrap. $30
Tales from the Crypt Vol. 3 (EC Archives)
TEN CENT PLAGUE by David Hajdo (Brand new) (‘08) The great comic book scare of the '50s with dust jacket. $15
The Ten Cent Plague.
THE VAMPIRE CINEMA by David Pirie (‘77 Galley Press) Lavishly illustrated in color and b/w. Hardcover with dust jacket. Excellent condition. $12
VAULT OF HORROR VOL. 1—EC ARCHIVES Brand new. EC in full color. $40
Vault of Horror Vol. 1 (EC Archives).
WEIRD SCIENCE—EC ARCHIVES VOL. 2 Brand new. EC in full color. $40
Weird Science Vol. 2 (EC Archives).
WEIRD MYSTERIES VOL. 2 (‘14) WEIRD MYSTERIES comic book reprints #7-#12 $20
WOMEN IN THE COMICS by Maurice Horn (‘80 Chelsea House) Softcover. Strip and comic illos in b/w and color. Excellent $15

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