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Photos from “A Gathering of Guns 2—A TV Western Reunion” at the Memphis Film Festival, co-sponsored by WESTERN CLIPPINGS, June 3-5, 2010, at Whispering Woods Hotel and Convention Center in Olive Branch, Mississippi.
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First time together in 46 years...Ty "Bronco" Hardin, Clint "Cheyenne" Walker and Will "Sugarfoot" Hutchins. (Photo by Steve St. John.)

Will Hutchins, Clint Walker, Ty Hardin at a once-in-a-lifetime panel discussion.

Clint Walker gets a warm reception as he enters the room for a panel discussion. (Photo by Steve St. John.)

Will Hutchins reacts to a comment by Clint Walker during a panel discussion. (Photo by Steve St. John.)

WESTERN CLIPPINGS' panel moderator Boyd Magers takes a question from the SRO audience of over 300 for the panel with Will Hutchins, Clint Walker and Ty Hardin. (Photo by Steve St. John.)

Lotsa laughter at the panel discussion with Will Hutchins, Clint Walker, moderator Boyd Magers and Ty Hardin. (photo by Steve St. John)

Clint Walker celebrated his 83rd birthday May 30. We honored Clint during the festival panel June 4th with a Happy Birthday cake. Over 300 fans sang Happy Birthday and partook of the cake. (Photos by Donna Magers and Ray Nielsen.)

Warner Bros. Big Three Cowboys--Will "Sugarfoot" Hutchins, Clint "Cheyenne" Walker and Ty "Bronco" Hardin. (Photos by Steve St. John.)

James Stacy and his stuntman brother Lou Elias. Stacy was Johnny Madrid on "Lancer" and was often doubled by his brother. (Photo by Steve St. John.)

James Stacy and Boyd Magers at a panel discussion. (Photo by Steve St. John.)

During a panel discussion, James Stacy, asked by one of his Lancer Ladies if he had any tatoos they were unaware of, good naturedly displayed a spider on his leg. (Photo by Steve St. John.)

A group of some 25 James Stacy fans from all over the world gathered to meet Jim at "A Gathering of Guns 2". Deemed by us "The Lancer Ladies", they composed words to the "Lancer" theme then wonderfully presented and sang the song during the festival's Sing-A-Long. (Photos by Steve St. John.)

Lancer: Lyrics for the Theme Tune
By Rosalind Bowen 

A man with no future.
Resigned to his fate
The rescue came timely
And sublimely
(And almost too late)

The promise of dollars
Some thoughts of a plan
He rode from the border
In order
To meet his ‘old man’ 

A man came from Boston
He followed a whim
He rode into danger
For a stranger
In search of a dream. 

They met on their journey
Two strangers alone
Not knowing the answer
Would be Lancer
A brother and home!

James Stacy thanks the crowd and the "Lancer Ladies" for creating the words to his series theme music. Jim's fiancee Antigoni Tsampartis (in black) snaps a picture. (Photo by Steve St. John.)

The Lancer Ladies enlivened the entire festival. Many of these ladies had never met in person as they had only comunicated online through fan forums. In the center is Johnny, one of their "mascots"; a cardboard standee of James Stacy as Johnny Madrid. (Photo by Steve St. John.)

Darby Hinton, Isreal Boone on "Daniel Boone". (Photo by Steve St. John.)

Robert Fuller ("Laramie", "Wagon Train") graciously had his picture taken with hundreds of fans. (Note James Stacy in the background at his autograph table in the lower photo.) (Photos by Steve St. John.)

Two western icons share a friendly greeting...Clint Walker and Robert Fuller. (Photo by Steve St. John.)

Those Hollywood marriages never last? Ha! Married for over 56 years, our leading lady Jan Shepard and husband Dirk London (Morgan Earp on "Wyatt Earp") aka Ray Boyle (who hosted a showing of his Republic serial "Zombies of the Stratosphere". (Photo by Steve St. John.)

During a panel discussion, Jan Shepard displayed a brooch given to her by her Goddaughter, Dolores Hart, who after her acting career became a nun. The brooch was originally given to Dolores by Gary Cooper when he was dying. (Photo by Steve St. John.)

Serial fans are indebted to James D'Arc of Brigham Young University who provided the festival with a special screening of the rare "Daredevils of the West" Republic serial. (Photo by Ray Nielsen.

A terrific crowd of 720 attended this year's "Gathering of Guns 2" for the Memphis Film Festival at Whispering Woods Hotel and Convention Center in Olive Branch, MS. Look closely, that's Mitch Vogel in the grey shirt and brown hat at his autograph table. (Photo by Steve St. John.)

More photos on page 2, 3.


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