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Photos from “A Gathering of Guns 2—A TV Western Reunion” at the Memphis Film Festival, co-sponsored by WESTERN CLIPPINGS, June 3-5, 2010, at Whispering Woods Hotel and Convention Center in Olive Branch, Mississippi.
(Page 2 of 3)

Watt Earp himself--Hugh O'Brian. (Photo by Steve St. John.)

Hugh "Wyatt Earp" O'Brian and series brother Dirk London (Morgan Earp) discuss "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" and the gunfight at the OK Corral at a Thursday evening panel moderated by Mike Nevins. Morgan Woodward (Shootgun Gibbs on the series) joined the panel by telephone.  (Photo by Steve St. John.)

We couldn't have done it without all the hard work before, during and after the festival of Bonnie Boyd, shown here with Darby Hinton. Bonnie, dressed in her '50s look for the banquet, wears pearls belonging to her mother.  (Photo by Steve St. John.)

Brothers Lou Elias and James Stacy on a panel with Robert Fuller. Moderated by Boyd Magers.  (Photo by Ray Nielsen.)

Legendary costumer Luster Bayless displays hats his United American Costume Company put on Lee Horsley for "Paradise" (the one on top), Victor French for "Little House on the Prairie", Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones for "Lonesome Dove", as well as an 1885 campaign hat. On Luster's head is as hat worn by John Ford while filming "Cheyenne Autumn". Bayless costumed John Wayne in 13 films.  (Photo by Steve St. John.)

Ray Nielsen (center) moderates a panel discussion with Dick Jones, Johnny Western, Jeff Connors and Luster Bayless. (Notice the hats from the previous picture.)  (Photo by Steve St. John.)

Jeff Connors, the son of "The Rifleman" (Chuck Connors) displays one of his father's rifles.  (Photo by Steve St. John.)

Johnny Western wrote and sang the themesong to "Have Gun Will Travel" starring Richard Boone.  (Photo by Steve St. John.)

Contestants line up for the Friday night Trivia Contest.  (Photo by Donna Magers.)

Boyd Magers presents a $100 bill and a one year's subscription to WESTERN CLIPPINGS to Trivia Contest winner Conrad Wyles of Ft. Worth, Texas.  (Photo by Ray Nielsen.)

Great Friday night entertainment from renown jazz musician and western music fan Monty Alexander and Oklahoma Balladeer Les Gilliam. (Photo by Ray Nielsen.)

Will Hutchins and WESTERN CLIPPINGS' Boyd Magers must have had some kind of cohones to think they could become The Cisco Kid (Will) and Pancho (boyd) for a Friday night radio recreation of "The Cisco Kid". Seated in back is Ty Hardin who played the heavy of the piece. Gary Yoggy was the director.  (Photo by Donna Magers.)

People brought all sorts of items for the celebrities to autograph. Here Mitch Vogel (Jamie on "Bonanza") signs a saddle.  (Photo by Steve St. John.)

The end of a long but wonderful day for Mitch and Christine Vogel.  (Photo by Steve St. John.)

Nothing Dick Jones ("Range Rider", "Buffalo Bill Jr.") loves more than kids. Posed here with Forrest and Alexandra Pace. Alexandra won one of the Breyer horses given away at the banquet by Andy Klyde courtesy of Breyer Products.  (Photo by Steve St. John.)

The lines ran up to as much as two and a half hours for Clint Walker's autograph. Seen here with his wife Susan.  (Photo by Donna Magers.)

Nobody was more gracious with his fans than William Smith ("Laredo", "Wildside").  (Photo by Steve St. John.)

"They want your autograph right here, Bill," sez William Smith's loving wife Joann.  (Photo by Steve St. John.)

After hours with a group of the "Lancer Ladies" who adopted Darby Hinton when Jim Stacy wasn't around. Darby christened them Darby's Darlin's".  (Photo by Steve St. John.)

More after hours fun with the "Lancer Ladies" aka "Darby's Darlin's" with Boyd Magers of WESTERN CLIPPINGS, Darby Hinton and Mitch Vogel and his wife Christine (to his left). (Photo by Steve St. John.)

...and even more fun after hours with a few Lancer Ladies, Boyd Magers, Darby Hinton and Mitch Vogel.  (Photo by Donna Magers.)

Memphis Film Festival organizer Ray Nielsen (center) moderates a panel discussion with Oklahoma Balladeer Les Gilliam, Mitch Vogel (Jamie on "Bonanza"), Pat Devon (wife of the late Richard Devon) and "Bonanza" DVD executive producer Andy Klyde.  (Photo by Donna Magers.)

Preparing for the celebrity group photo before the banquet.

Clint Walker wends his way through the throng for the group photo.  (Photo by Steve St. John.)


A truly magnificent Gathering of Guns. (Seated) James Stacym, William Smith. (1st Row) Hugh O'Brian, Jan Shepard, Lou Elias, Robert Fuller, John Buttram. (2nd Row) Dirk London, Dick Jones, Andy Klyde, Darby Hinton. (3rd Row) Mitch Vogel, Luster Bayless, Jim D'Arc of BYU, Johnny Western, Jeff Connors, Les Gilliam. (Top Row) Ty Hardin, Will Hutchins, Clint Walker.

A Gathering of Guns with the Memphis Film Festival/WESTERN CLIPPINGS sponsors. (1st Row) Dotti and Alex McCollum, James Stacy, William Smith, Bonnie Boyd, Donna and Ray Nielsen. (2nd Row) Boyd and Donna Magers, Jan Shepard, Lou Elias, Robert Fuller, John Buttram. (3rd Row) Hugh O'Brian, Dirk London, Dick Jones, Andy Klyde, Darby Hinton, Jeff Connors. (4th Row) Mitch Vogel, Jon D'Arc of BYU, Johnny Western, Les Gilliam. (Top Row) Luster Bayless, Ty Hardin, Will Hutchins, Clint Walker.

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